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Dangly Fish

15" x 3.5"

Made from upcycled denim jeans and stuffed with fibrefill.

Other materials may include fleece, fur, safety eyes, embroidery thread, liberty fabric, felt.

This project uses upcycled old denim jeans that would otherwise end up in landfill to create unique (and sometimes experimental) creatures for you to cherish.

Each one is individual, named and numbered.

The aim of the project was to create 100 items as part of #the100dayproject however I started to run out of old denim as I approached 40! I could have bought more denim from charity shops, but since the aim was to save denim from landfill, and not just cut up denim that still had use, I decided to end the project early.

As they are mainly experimental they are priced accordingly and include UK postage

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