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After graduating LIPA with a BA(Hons) in Performance Design in 2002, I went on to become the Head of Props for a theatre production company, where I spent 9 years learning new crafts and expanding my skills.

I became self employed in 2013, starting out by creating my own range of faux taxidermy and hugs in boxes to sell at fairs and online, utilising my prop making skills, but on a smaller scale, and over the next few years grew the range of products to include over 60 different animal heads, while also creating custom orders for more unusual creatures.

More recently I have expanded in to sculpture, creating fun and one of a kind animal and figurative pieces using a variety of media and finished in clay, to give them a uniquely hand finished quality.

I take endless inspiration from the animal kingdom, but also my love of the sea, which has influenced the addition of figurative sculptures to my collection, with bearded sailors and wild swimmers!


The textile artwork I produce, which I call 'Blob Art' is also heavily influenced from regular beach walks on the pebbled shores surrounding the Island that I live on. I use the off cuts of my faux taxidermy to make the felt pebbles, in doing so decrease my waste as a small business, and they are then sewn together to form works of tactile art.

Everything is made solely by my hands.

Each piece is lovingly handcrafted.

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